A born teacher, Den is able to assist the most inexperienced to take to the tango floor with grace. I have watched him work with my own students and have been greatly impressed by the patience and gentle quiet of his approach and the way that is transferred to the class.

Jane, Drama Teacher

The first time I ever saw Argentine Tango was at Den's classes and it was the first time I felt that I could dance. It was a calm and supportive environment and I quickly found my feet, despite my nerves. I had a lot of fun in Den's classes and can't wait to try again.

Andrew, Year 12 Student

My first reaction toward tango was that it would be complicated and an impossible dance style to master. Not being a dancer myself, I was a little nervous. However, from the moment we walked into class, Den welcomed us with warmth and excitement. From the very beginning we were treated with respect. Den's passion for tango comes through in his teaching and he is patient and understanding. He is always happy to go over moves (again and again if needed!) and to answer any questions. I have fully enjoyed tango classes and feel like I have learnt a lot in such a short space of time. I would recommend tango classes to all, it doesn't matter whether you have experience or have never danced before; Den is accommodating to all skill levels.

Charlotte, Year 12 Student

Den is gentle, calm and reassuring, and this is reflected in his teaching style. Den's love and understanding of the dance is palpable and under his guidance I am beginning to understand tango as a beautiful, subtle, expressive language. You can be confident the technique you learn with him will be correct. Den is patient and empathetic with his students, and classes are fun!

Carol, Registered Nurse

What a gifted educator is Den!  Kind and generous of himself, and of his knowledge of tango. Den shares his knowledge of not only technique but all facets around navigating the tango world. You could almost say he was the Lonely Planet Guide of Tango!  Do yourself a favour.... Enrol now and learn from someone who is clearly passionate about this art.

Nivan, Senior Manager

I joined Den's class this term. Best thing I have done for myself in years! Den is a gentle and patient teacher whose style is exquisite. Will be back again next term!


My husband and I had an amazing time learning Argentine Tango under the wonderful teacher, Den. His style of teaching is mesmerising and easy to follow. We always wish we could stay a little longer to keep learning, practicing and dancing at every class! Den is absolutely brilliant in connecting with each and every student. He is super patient and has a heart-warming energy. It's a pure joy to watch, learn from and dance with him. I recommend you to try this passionate dance with Den. YOU WILL LOVE IT!

Angela, Web Content Specialist


I came to Den's classes with some experience in competitive ballroom dancing and was astonished how skilfully he manages to translate his knowledge and passion for tango to any type of audience, be it beginners or course participants with 'advanced expectations'. While every student will progress (at a different pace) under Den's patient guidance, learning dance techniques from him will leave even the most fastidious student happy. I strongly encourage to attend the entire course - it is a journey that makes Canberra's cold winter evenings simply disappear.

Natalia, Academic

Den is passionate about teaching tango. He is an inspirational teacher who puts his heart and soul into every lesson. It was such a privilege to have been introduced to tango through his wisdom, patience and down-to-earth approach. I would highly recommend anyone to experience tango with Den.