There is enormous value in learning how to dance. It is an artform which carries many benefits. The following are just a few:

  • It puts smiles on our faces;
  • It helps build our confidence;
  • It stimulates and encourages us to overcome obstacles;
  • It teaches us to interact with grace, dignity and strength;
  • It teaches us to believe in our own abilities;
  • It teaches us to place trust in ourselves and in our partner;
  • It helps us develop a sense of harmony, security and personal power;
  • It enables us to develop not only new skills, but a higher quality of character;
  • It teaches us to focus, connect with another, and be completely present in the moment;
  • It gives us an awareness of movement, and of the influence of our own movement upon another;
  • It is as challenging as it is fulfilling; and
  • It’s sensual, romantic and it feels gooood.

Partnered dance (and Argentine Tango in particular) is not about domination, nor control over another person. It is an equal partnership which only works well where there is mutual respect, teamwork and dedication.