Moondance Classes are specifically designed for beginner students with little, or no, experience in Argentine Tango.

Students are introduced to the fundamental movements of Argentine Tango, along with dance etiquette and techniques for maintaining correct posture and a strong (yet comfortable) connection with your dance partner.

Classes are presented in a relaxed and enjoyable manner. We'd like to make you feel as comfortable as possible (whilst we gently and gradually challenge you) so that you get the most from your tango experience.

Dress is neat and casual. Recommended footwear is something that will give you a little slip/slide on the floor (not runners, as they are too grippy). 'Followers' can bring a pair of comfortable heels as well as a pair of flats (and alternate between the two if necessary). 'Leaders' can bring a pair of soft/flexible shoes or something lightweight which is suitable for a dancefloor. 

A set of 8 classes are offered from end-August to mid-October2020. 

Due to current health regulations enrolments are only available to couples at present, and student numbers are strictly limited. Changing of dance-partners will not be taking place, and social-distancing (from other couples) will be observed. These restrictions will be eased as health regulations permit.

Classes are open to school-aged students (16 years and older) and adults (of all ages). All participants receive the same instruction.

Participants below the age of 18 will be grouped with other students of similar age but are free to dance with adults if they, themselves, choose to.

Adults may only dance with other adults (unless they have been approached by a student below the age of 18).

Every student - irrespective of age, gender, sexual preference, or lack of previous dance experience - can expect to find a warm, welcoming and respectful learning environment.